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Homesteading 101: Getting Started on Your Journey to Self-Sufficiency

Story by Staff Writer at Jordan First Insurance • February 19, 2023 Trending Tags: #homesteading #selfsufficient #ruralliving

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Are you ready to start living a more self-sufficient lifestyle? Homesteading may be just what you're looking for. In this post, we'll cover the basics of getting started on your homesteading journey, including finding land, planning and designing your homestead, and choosing the right livestock and crops.

Getting Started on Your Homesteading Journey

The first step in starting your homesteading journey is finding the right land. Look for a property that has the right combination of soil, water, and climate for the crops and animals you want to raise. Lucky for upstate New York, there is no shortage of tillable land.

Once you have the land, start planning and designing your homestead. This includes deciding on the layout, building structures, and setting up infrastructure like fencing and water systems. When choosing livestock and crops, consider your goals, your available space, and your resources. Start small and build gradually as you gain experience and confidence.

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What are the benefits of homesteading?

Homesteading offers a wealth of benefits for those who choose to live this lifestyle. One of the biggest benefits is increased self-sufficiency. When you grow your own food, raise your own livestock, and generate your own power, you become less dependent on outside sources and more self-reliant. This in turn saves considerable money after your initial startup costs.

Homesteading can also lead to healthier food choices, as you have more control over what you eat and how it's produced. You can say goodbye to GMOs, processed starches and more. Additionally, homesteading can provide a deeper connection with nature and a sense of purpose and fulfillment that's hard to find in other pursuits.

"Homesteading can also lead to healthier food choices, as you have more control over what you eat and how it's produced."

Insurance coverage for homesteading

It's important for homesteaders to have insurance coverage that protects their property, their assets, and themselves. This includes coverage for property damage, liability, and personal injury claims. At Jordan First Insurance Agency, we offer a variety of insurance products that are designed specifically for homesteaders and their unique needs. These include coverage for homes, outbuildings, equipment, and livestock. If you're interested in getting a quote for homestead insurance coverage, contact us today.

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Homesteading challenges and solutions

Homesteading isn't always easy, and there are many challenges that homesteaders may face, such as weather events, disease outbreaks, and equipment breakdowns. It's important to be prepared for these challenges and to have contingency plans in place. Some solutions to common homesteading challenges include investing in high-quality equipment, building sturdy structures that can withstand severe weather, and having a plan in place for dealing with livestock disease outbreaks.

Resources for homesteading

There are many resources available for homesteaders who want to learn more about this lifestyle and connect with like-minded individuals. Some useful resources include online forums and communities on Facebook, homesteading blogs and podcasts, and local homesteading groups and events. Homesteaders can also benefit from attending workshops and classes on topics like permaculture, animal husbandry, and food preservation.

One particular source that we have found very helpful is Backwoods Home Magazine, which also features online articles on various homesteading topics (and no, we're not affiliated with them) such as hydroponics, recycling and repurposing, water collection and much more.


Story by Staff Writer at Jordan First Insurance • February 19, 2023 Trending Tags: #homesteading #selfsufficient #ruralliving


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